Setting a Virtual Attribute Triggered from DirSync Change


I'm trying to update an ARS virtual attribute based on change made native tools by monitoring DirSync.  In this particular instance, I assuming I need to get the object value since it's not in the request object, but not sure if I need to use $DirObj or some other method to set, but as it currently stands, I'm not getting an update.  Not sure what I'm missing here, or if there's a more efficient way to code this.  Any input would be appreciated!

function onPostModify($Request)
if($Request.Class -ne "user"){return}

$attrValue = $Request.Get("description")
if($attrValue -ne $null){
  #set compliance TRUE if a value exists
  #$Request.Put("edsvaIsExportCompliant", $true)
  $User = get-qaduser $Request.Name
  $DirObj.Put("edsvaIsExportCompliant", $true)
if($attrValue -eq $null){
  #set compliance to FALSE is a value in the attribute does not exist
  #$Request.Put("edsvaIsExportCompliant", $false)
  $User = get-qaduser $Request.Name
  $DirObj.Put("edsvaIsExportCompliant", $false)


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