Property Generation and Validation

Hi Guys

I have always used Property Generation and Validation with provision and deprovision policies. How can i use them when what i am trying to do is not provisioning or deprovisioning?

What I have done is create a virtual attribute which is a Directory string syntax. This virtual attribute is assigned to computer objects. I am planning to use the virtual attribute in a similar way to Office Location on the user account.  I want our service desk team to be able to Choose London or Hong Kong from a drop down. Now PGV has always been perfect when creating or removing an account. 

is there another way to do this?

Thanks in advance  

  • If you create a provisioning policy PGV rule that appiles to your 'myComputerLocationVA', the PGV functionality works whether you are creating a net new object or just editing it.  So in the case, of a DN syntax VA, the user will be presented with an object search & selection dialog when they go to edit the attribute.

    The only "other way" I can think of to implement this is to use a policy script that uses an OnGetEffectivePolicy handler but nothing in your question suggests the need for this.  Normally, you would use this approach when you need a more sophisticated user experience.  For example, a VA that needs to have the list of options generated dynamically - perhaps based on a the value of another property of your object.

    I'm not quite sure I understand your "problem" / question?