Active Roles Integration M365

Hi there,

We have recently upgraded to the latest version of AR.  I see there is now integration for M365.  Before i look at setting this up i would like to know if the following is possible.

Can i run scripts from AR on premises that make changes to Auzre AD?  For instance every new user that is provisioned by AR a script would run and enable MFA in Azure AD?

  • Yes, this is quite do-able.

    You could take advantage of the new Workflow activity functionality that saves you from having to build your own code for the action of logging into M365.

    Once that is configured, you can just call the cmdlets you need to in this case, enable MFA.

    This level of integration is very handy for performing those actions that are performed in the tenant as opposed to things like management of object properties that are performed on the on-premises object and then replicated by Azure AD Connect.  My last statement assumes that you have a "conventional" setup where Azure AD Connect is responsible for replicating AD users and groups into your tenant.