VA - ARS Sync Service

Hi Guys. 

I have setup ARS to Azure AD and along with that ARS Sync Service. I also have a VA and lets call it AzureSyncEnable and its of type Boolean

In our on Prem AD in an OU we have all our user accounts for a local office. In that OU will be user accounts we do and do not want to sync up to Azure. We want to have control over what is Sync'd. What i was thinking and i am not sure if this is the correct way, was on the Connections for ARS in Sync Service, under scope where you select the OU to Sync. There is a conditions. Am i right i thinking if i add the VA AzureSyncEnable and set it to TRUE that it will only sync objects with that set? 

Or am i looking at this wrong and need to do it another way? 

Thanks in advance.  

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