How to populate a multi-valued DN list on web interface

I am attempting to pre-populate an attribute during user creation on the ARS Web Interface. The goal is to select an account as a template account and on the next page list the groups by DN so the choice can be made to add the new user to the groups on provision. I can populate other string attributes such as description just fine, but not able to populate a multi-valued list based on DN syntax. Does anyone know how to do this in powershell?

What I have that works for other attributes, I can even change the value based on another attribute being changed. Here is a simple example that works for Description.

$strAttrname = "Description"
$Request.SetEffectivePolicyInfo($strAttrname, $Constants.EDS_EPI_UI_GENERATED_VALUE, "CN=VicePresidents,OU=Entitlements,OU=Organization,DC=Domain,DC=Local")

How can I insert that same value, or values in a DN list so that it displays on the ARS Web Interface?