Convert lastLogonTimeStamp in report section

Hello and happy new year to everyone! Slight smile

I try to add a translated date of the lastLogonTimeStamp to a report section in a workflow, it's the first time I try to add a script here to get a result.

- I created a "Search" activity called "Search for objects" and configured the parameters for my needs.

- I added a report section just displaying the samAccountName

- I tested --> OK

- I wrote a simple library script to convert a lastLogonTimeStamp to a readable format:

function Convert-Date($Request)
$date = $Workflow.FoundObject("Search for objects").Get("lastlogontimestamp")
$ReadableDate = [DateTime]::FromFileTimeUtc($date)
return $ReadableDate

- I added the script to the report section and ran it, I get:

You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression.
At line:3 char:2
+ $date = $Workflow.FoundObject("Search for objects").Get("lastlogonti ...

Any idea of what I did wrong?

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