Active Roles Force Temporal Access... button to be Mandatory

I was wondering if anyone could assist. I have read 

 HOW TO: Hiding Temporal Group options by setting "edsva-TemporalGroupMemberships-Disable" to True (87348)

which articulates how to hide the Temporal Access button when adding a member (User)  to a group. I want to do just the opposite, which is to force users to use the Temporal Access.. button by for example disabling the OK button so that the user has no choice but to either click Cancel or Temporal Access...

The reason for needing to do this is that for Auditing purposes I want to design the workflow to mandate that the initiator go through the Temporal Access... button even if the membership request is permanent. That way, when audited it correctly points to the Initiation rather than at Approval. The auditors can see that the onus is on the initiator to ensure that the duration for the membership was initiated by them rather than anyone else.

This is not a functional requirement of the workflow but is a non-functional enhancement that makes sense to implement.

Any thoughts on how to do this?

Thanks in advance