What PS> string can be used to return the partner DC currently selected by each host listed under managed domains in ARS config?

I see a great deal of data under this node … I see the domains, and other details - just not a seeing a way to crack into the details on currently selected DC … along with current state/health info

Get-QADObject -SearchRoot "CN=<managed domain FQDN>,CN=Managed Domains,CN=Server Configuration,CN=Configuration"

I'm looking for this info to pro-actively switch hosts when my DirSync host becomes unresponsive to ARS.   The DC is still running - but not returning password unlock/reset info - the end users just sees the spinning-wheel-of-wait.
and I get a priority ticket....  There is too-long a window between the failure-to-communicate, and ARS switching to next available....
if I can use PS> to xpose the current value - and externally test the connection, then maybe I can use the same PS> path to trigger a change of the DirSync currently selected host value.