How to Add a Custom Entry to a new Web Form


We have a custom Web Interface that we have setup to easily create user accounts into various OU's. The problem we have is that the "New User" form is shared between all the OU's and not all attributes in the "New User" form are relevant.

From a technical perspective this is fine, because we enforce attributes with various policies.


Manager must be set for accounts created under the "Contractor OU" but not for ones in the "Service Accounts OU"

In this example, when creating a new user in Contractor and Service Accounts OU's we are presented with the same fields to fill out. We would want to exclude "Manager" for the Service Accounts OU so that it is not even visible when creating the user. (Even if policy already will not let it be set)

One way I was trying to get around this was to create a custom Command for each account type and with it a Custom Form.

So instead of clicking "New User", we select "New Service Account" which is a custom Command tied to a Custom Form that we have the "Manager" field removed from. The issue I have is I am unable to add / edit the "Custom" entries that come automatically with the default "New User" Command.

The example is the "User logon name" which is edsaUPNPrefix,edsaUPNSuffix 

There appears to be no way to add custom "Entry" types. It appears only new ones can be created and the type is set to "Auto"

My question is, is it possible to create new custom forms and tie them to the "New User" command or create custom entry types for new commands we create?

Is there a better way to do this all together because creating a new custom command for each user type / OU where we want to present different fields to be entered is cumbersome especially with what appears to be no way to copy existing forms.



  • I wish you could clone forms too!  This is indeed frustrating.  I can help you with the "custom" entry types though.

    When you go to add a new field to a form, you have a choice of "create" or "select" - if you choose "select", you can choose the custom entry types - it can be a bit clumsy to navigate, but it does work.

    One option for you regarding your Manager field would be to put the Manager field on a separate tab in the wizard and manage its visibility so for example, that it only applies if the OU you are creating the user is a "service accounts OU".  For one customer I have setup a VA on OUs "IsServiceAccountsOU" - I use this to control the availability of the "New Service Account" command but you could just as easily use it within the new user Wizard to determine if the Manager tab should be presented or not.  So in the dialog below, you would make the dependency IsServiceAccountsOU = TRUE.  NOTE:  Remember that "New User" is a "OU" command as far as the Web UI is concerned hence why my VA is associated with OUs.


  • Hi JohnnyQuest, 

    Not sure how I missed that! This worked great.



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