Update Virtual attribute value based on another Virtual attribute value change.


I'm having a requirement, we created couple of Virtual attributes in Active Roles and if we change a value of VA1 and then dynamically update the value of VA2. 

VA1 - Dropdown field

VA2 - String field

Do let me know if you need more information on the same. Would appreciate for the help.


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  • Hi Kishore

    Take a look at the below KB article.

    How to create a Bound List-box with 4 Levels (139754) (oneidentity.com)

    This approach using a Script Module, where the outcome of your first selection (edsvaLevel1) determines the values of the second VA (edsvaLevel2).

    The script looking at the value the user has entered in the first property (VA1), then via script sets a  Property Generation and Validation (PGV) Rule against the second property (VA2).

    In the scripts example, If edsvaLevel1 is set to "Plants", the PGV rule for edsvaLevel2 returns a dropdown of "Conifer" or "Flowering plants", but this could be a single value, to meet your requirements, or an array of values where the user can select one from the list. IE

    If this was for City (l) and Department, if the user for instance select "London" as the city, it might set the list of available departments to be "IT" and "Marketing", but if the City was set to Paris it make s the list of available departments to be "Sales"

    Hope this helps