Email the pw during provisioning

What's the best way to email the pw to the user automatically during the manual provisioning process? We have a provision policy applied to an OU and we manual create the AD account. Using the pw generator, we would like to automate capturing the pw then emailing it to the user's manager.

  • The value of the password is temporarily stored in the virtual property edsapassword.

    Assuming you set the user's manager as part of the user creation process, you could have a Change Workflow triggered on the user creation send a notification to the Manager (this is one of the pre-defined recipients) - you would just have to include this property in the body of the notification.

  • My understanding:  edsapassword stores password temporary (for the time the password reset process only).

    OOB Change Workflow | email notification: shows edsapassword  ******. (Maybe you can decrypt the mask *****, not sure?)

    Though if you write custom script with handle onPreUpdate() / SendMail - you can access the edsapassword value in plain text as in-process variable.