Dynamic Groups and AD "Version Store"

We have over 600 Dynamic Groups and some of them have a lot of members, ranging from 50-60K to a few that are over 200K. When the Dynamic Group Updater scheduled task runs at 3 am, the domain controller that the ARS server uses runs out of "Version Store". This has recently corrupted AD database in two domain controllers. The version store is 1.6GB, a non-trivial amount. Here is the exact error message on the DC:

NTDS (1496,D,22) NTDSA: The version store for this instance (0) has reached its maximum size of 1636Mb. It is likely that a long-running transaction is preventing cleanup of the version store and causing it to build up in size. Updates will be rejected until the long-running transaction has been completely committed or rolled back.
Possible long-running transaction:
SessionId: 0x00000204E92DAFE0:0x7e2c4548
Session-context: 0x00000000
Session-context ThreadId: 0x0000000000001FD4
Cleanup: 1
62245@3:15:19 AM
470325397@3:12:01 AM

My question is: what can I do on the ARS side to mitigate this issue?

Thanks in advance.