Blank Variable

Hi Team.

Hoping someone might be able to help get around a small issue. 

I have a Workflow that has a Parameter of Location. Values assigned to that are for example Server1 , Server2  , Server3 , Server4

Now when you run the Work flow and select Server2 , 3 , or 4 it adds this value to the $Location variable and connects accordingly. The Issue is that when people select Server1 i actually dont want anything passed in to the variable and for it to be blank. As an example if i was to hard code these it would be something like 

Any suggestions on how to work around this? 

$Location = $Workflow.Parameter("Location")

#Connection Propertis
$SPURL = "https://DomainName$"
$ClientID = "something something"
$TenantName = ""
$Thumbprint = "something something"

#CSV Export Location
$CSVExport = "C:\$Location-Export.csv"

#Connect to SharePoint Online
Connect-PnPOnline -Url $SPURL -ClientId $ClientID -Tenant $TenantName -Thumbprint $Thumbprint