Exchange Online Properties

Hi Team. 

I have logged this with support but keen to see any real world suggestions. Our Service Desk teams are trying to request access to the Exchange Online admin console and we are trying our best to keep all administration within ARS. They are saying they need it for the items below. Some i can see and some are not visible to me. 

Mailbox delegation
Send on behalf
Send As *** I can see this in the WI
Full Mailbox Access *** I can see this in the WI

Setting automatic replies (Out of Office)

Viewing the Exchange Online mailbox usage statistics – mailbox size

Should i be able to see / do everything in the ARS WI they are asking? 

  • Send on Behalf is an option shown when you select the account, click Exchange Online Properties, Delivery Options > Properties.

    Delegation options are shown when doing the same thing, select the account, Exchange Online Properties, and click the "Delegation"

    AFAIK, there are no built-in options to select sending automatic replies for Azure/O365 only accounts.  We can set automatic replies for on-prem exchange accounts during deprovisioning.

    Additionally, as for viewing the Exchange Online mailbox usage/size, not something you can get with Active Roles out of the box.  We have the ability to display this value for on-prem Exchange, but not O365 without customization.

    These reports may be easier to find in the Quest tool called UCCS/Unified Communications Command Suite: