Backsync assignedPlans


As per this KB, the attribute assignedPlans can't be found when trying to create a sync rule.

I'm trying to write a PowerShell script to extract assignedPlans for my customer to sync:

$aplans = $srcObj["assignedplans"] -all

The rule is: <generated by PowerShell script> -to-> edsaAzureAssignedPlans

However when I run the sync step, I can't see the attribute in the source object (so obviously nothing is synced towards the attribute we selected in ARS):

Can anyone help me fix this?


  • You can't use $SrcObj in this case because the property is not implemented in the Connector.  In the absence of being able to extend the Connector schema (used to be possible) I believe your only option is to write some Powershell code that will connect to the tenant to pull the property directly.  This could be in a step handler or, in my opinion, you could do a "cleaner" implementation using an Automation Workflow in the AR Admin service itself that would pull that property on a scheduled basis by firing a script activity.

    'Hope this helps.

  • I wrote a script to convert a multi value property into an array, that will then copy the data into the dedicated VA. How do I connect to the tenant from the powershell to extract the assignedplans data into a variable so I can copy what's inside?

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