How do I use a command or script to disable Synchronization Service scheduled Sync workflow?

I have a job separate from ARS that checks the health of the DB I am SYNCing to ARS. There are times I need to Disable Synchronization Service scheduled Sync workflow because there is an issue with the data on the source. Is there a command from the management shell or script that can do this? 

  • Hello, I'm not seeing where the Sync Service Mgmt Shell exposes this level of manageability of Workflows. Workflow settings can be exported and also imported, But I don't think the resulting XML file export can be altered to just overwrite the Sync Service Workflow's schedule settings.

    As an alternate approach, maybe reverse the logic. How often does the process run in Active Roles that checks the source data? If this happens to coincide with how often the sync Workflow is running in the Sync Service, maybe consider disabling the schedule altogether in the Sync Service and having this process in Active Roles start the data sync Workflow if everything checks out ok? The Sync Service Mgmt Shell does have a Start-QCWorkflow cmdlet that can kickoff the data sync at will. This way the sync Workflow will only run when this external process in Active Roles tells it to do so, otherwise it will not be running by default.

  • Thanks. This makes sense since there is no way to disable the schedule. 

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