How to create new user accounts

Trying to find a way to create a new user account while also exporting the password. If we can also have the option to create bulk accounts that will be great as well. 

  • Hello, mskhan2.

    The scope of your question is somewhat unclear to me, but I can take a few guesses and see if it's helpful.

    Active Roles allows you to capture a newly created user's password in the onPostCreate event, which is something you would need to define as a scripted policy. In that event, you should be able to extract the password via $request.Get("edsaPassword"). It's been a while since I've tried, but I seem to recall having difficulties attempting to do this in a workflow, even though it should be theoretically possibly. It's definitely worth a shot, though, since it's obviously easier if you can achieve your result without having to code anything.

    The second part of your question, creating objects in bulk, can be achieved in a variety of ways. First, of course, is the fact that the Sync Service exists exclusively for this purpose: synchronising identity information between disparate directory services. That can be as simple as importing from a simple CSV file into Active Directory. If that doesn't serve your purpose, you can also have a look at the QAD PowerShell cmdlets included with the product. Presumably New-QADUser, in this case.

    Hope that helps!