• Workflow - Show search results in notification


    Im trying to get the search results into a mail notification, I can perform actions to the search results (Disable users, change properties, etc) But I can not get the notification to send me users that matched the search condition.

    Anyone has…

  • ARS PowerShell Script Module

    We have a simple powershell script that utilizes the ARS PowerShell cmdlets. The script works fine within the "Management Shell for Active Directory", but does not work if used within ARS as a powershell scheduled task script module. Below is a copy of…

  • Installation issue: Flag to store Management History in separate DB ignored


    We developed our ARS settings and scripts in a DEV environment. All is now tested and ready for production. This is the first productive setup therefore I decided to copy the DEV-DBs to production and therefore to setup the ARS service as "additional…

  • Quick ARS 6.5 -> 6.7 migration question


    Hi, I have a customer whom is on 6.5 at the moment. They have acquired two new servers one for ars and one for SQL. They would like the latest version of ars and most important preserve the existing ars configurations everything from manage unit…

  • "add member" Pop-Up Search Takes A Long Time (ARS Webinterface)

    Does anybody know how the active directory objects are retrieved with quick search and with the "add member" pop-up?

    Doing a quick search is getting the objects from any unmanaged domain really fast. The result is displayed in about two seconds…

  • Approval rule where you can choose approver from a list


    we have a customer case where use cases designate that a approving manager should be approved from a list of managers in the group of object owners. Can this be done somehow easily? We're in a POC phase and I have been given only 2 days to implement…

  • Group Membership and Self Service

    I was hoping someone can point me in the correct direction to the a solution for a problem I have.

    At the moment I have within my company, a few DL's who's memberships need to remain hidden and this is currently the case by hiding the DL's in question…

  • Internet Explorer 9 changing manager of a group - problem - ARS Web

    When changing the manager of a group in ARS Web with Internet Explorer 9 the message "site.com is not responding due to a long-running script." If the script is stopped the manager will be filled in and can be saved.

    It workes perfectly fine…

  • Create New User - Policy Property Value not there?


    I've created a policy object which includes a Property Generation and Validation Policy and applied to the Users OU(Similar to the City example used in Quest Videos and documentation). However when i go through the wizard to create a new user the property…

  • Sharepoint and Group Management Effects...

    SharePoint Extensions, Group Deprovisioning Clarification

    Q1: When SharePoint Extensions is used what happens when the AD group is deleted/deprovisioned?

    In Direct sync mode [Def - Synchronizes the group memberships for Active Directory and SharePoint…

  • LONG AWAITED - ARS 6.7 GP3 Released

    I know we've all waited for quite some time on this, but it finally came out of Quality Control and here is the newest fix pack for ActiveRoles Server 6.7!

    In addition to many many many fixes, the long awaited mult-browser support is also delevered…

  • Notification email: including properties of objects added/removed from groups

    Hi all,

    I seem to recall this being discussed before but I havent managed to find the thread.  I need to send a custom email notification when users are removed from a particular group.  The notification email needs to contain certain attribute data from…

  • Forest

    Is there a procedure available on how to add another forest to an already existing ARS install?


  • Unexpected behaviour from IADsPropertyEntry


    The following is a snippet of code that I use very often to determine when a particular attribute is being modified on an object:

    for ($i=0; $i -le $Request.PropertyCount; $i++) {

      if ($Request.Item($i).Name -eq "Attribue I'm Watching") {…

  • workflow to add user to multiple groups at the same time


    I'm trying to build a workflow that adds users to multiple groups when user is added to a group which triggers workflow. Can't use group nesting on this one unfortunately. Is scripting the only way at this moment?



  • Adding Duplicate IIS Service for a custom WebSite

    Original Server has a Web Site called ADProduction based on "Site for Administrators" Which is working for users


    I have creates a new server with Administration Server and IIS  using the same config database.

    What are the steps needed to add this…

  • IE 6 and 7 upgrades can't be done?

    Have you seen this new release from Google?  Anyone trying it?


  • Problem updating a managed unit via powershell

    Since managed unit delegation is not currently possible, we are using the set-qadobject powershell cmdlet to update one on a nightly basis. When we look at the properties, we can see the rules are updating; however, the contents of the managed unit always…

  • Best practise to choose a Manager when creating a user


    I'm making a new user creation form with ARS and the Manager field is a bit tricky. I tried to make Policy for it with Managers written into it, didn't work. Then tried the way that you choose it from a user list. That customer didn't approve because…

  • Cleanup pending temporal group membership operations

    Hi all,

    I just found that I have a half-dozen pending temporal group membership changes.  It appears that they are well outside of my management history retention and SOL61603 indicates that management history is required for temporal group functionality…

  • Workflow - Link to Target Object

    I am working on a new workflow notification and would like to include a link to the target object. This would allow the recipient to quickly open the target object in the web console and view the object's properties.   I dont see an OOB token to handle…

  • ARS build best practice

    I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions on whether they separate out the mgmt servers from the web interface role for ARS and also what you do for failover/high availability?  I also have multiple sites and does anyone have suggestions on how…

  • ARS & Quick Connect - same servers?


    Does anyone have ARS and Quest Quick connect running on the same servers for synching the ad to different databases or in my case I have to synch to a ms sql db but then also add another quick connect job to sync to 1 or 2 lab environments so that…

  • Script or Report on accounts scheduled for deletion?

    Hey Group,

    I am new here, but this is a great community!  We have a need to notify some people when accounts will be deleted and this report has to include a couple of attributes of the user account. We've been searchin for a way to do this and the only…

  • Powershell profiles - help

    This community is fantastic, thanks to all for your help learning powershell, ars, and a heap of stuff.

    I want to create a profile that will list all of the modules I have available and the snap-ins that are available as well.  Define the colors for the…