• Group membership approval not working for DL

    HI team,

    We have separate user domain and resource domain. Exchange is in resource domain for which users master accounts is in user domain. so linked mailboxes in resource domain.

    Few Distribution list in resource domain's exchange has owners defined…

  • Meeting Room objects are timing out

    Hi Experts,

    We have an issue to view any meeting room objects from ARS console or Web interface, either it takes too much time to load or it timeout.

    We have a hybrid Exchange environment 2010/2013, and Active Roles 6.9

    Does anyone have any ideas ? 

  • Is it possible to link a workflow to a managed unit so that it only acts on objects in the managed unit?

    I have a manged unit that contains users that have not yet been synchronized to the O365 cloud. This based on a query of attributes 'vapso_associationstrguid_mailbox', 'vapso_cloudsyncstatus', 'vapso_cloudupdaterequired' & 'edsvaFirstEmailAddressUpdatedWorkday…

  • Disaster Recovery - Log Shipping for ARS

    Is there a way to log ship databases from Production SQL to Disaster Recovery SQL without reinstallation for ARS? Is there a way to change the connections without a reinstall? What are best practices for Disaster Recovery?

  • How to include search object in an email?

     Hi guys,

    I'm attempting to build a workflow that will look for a virtual attribute set to a date/time. The workflow will compare the time to the current time, and send an email once the time is older than current time.

    My issue is that I can't seem…

  • Add Managed Unit to Self Service Site


    Can someone tell me how to add a managed unit to self-service webportal in ARS?

    I also need to add the search option to the self-service site.

    Any assistance is appreciated.

    I have both 6.9 and 7 that i use to manage separate domains.

    We plan to…

  • Access Template to Deny Write permission to attribute/Flag 'Password Never Expire' is not taking place (effective) in ARS 6.9 (without Patch4).

    Access Template to Deny Write permission of attribute/Flag 'Password Never Expire' is not taking place (effective).


      Version: ARS 6.9 (without Patch4).

  • Script a different person in a notification other than manager

    I am creating a user and trying to use the notification task in a workflow but i need a way to add a different person other than a manager to send to.  I have a virtual attrib that has a sam account name that would like to send the notification to.  the…

  • Required old trail version of Active Roles- Quest one Active Roles 6.9

    Hi Team,

    Required old trail version of Active Roles- Quest one Active Roles 6.9.

    If yes, please provide the link to download.

  • RE: Upgrade Guide/Path - Quest ARS 6.7 to 6.9


    I am currently as well in process to evaluate how we can migrate from 6.7 to 6.9.
    Here a few links, which I already found on Dell Webpages

    Simple Upgrade Scenario: ARS 6.7or 6.8 to 6.9 - No replication, single ARS instance (63506)

  • ARS 6.9 Website issues with frames

    We are required to run banners at the top and bottom of web interface, as it currently stands some functions of ARS are not functioning as we expected. At this time we are experiencing issues with adding members to groups when done using the website from…

  • ARS Configuration Collection Wizard Error

    Has anyone come across the following error (Error while retrieving AD Objects) when attempting to use the Configuration Collection wizard? If so do you know of a workaround so that I can complete a configuration package.