• Azure AD only Users in Active Roles not showing up

    I have followed the documentation for part 1 and 2 in the documentation below, but I am still not able to see Azure AD only users. We have a hybrid setup and I can see some Azure AD only groups not sure why. I can see licensing and Azure AD Roles, so…

  • Active Roles sync with AzureAD

    I am setting up Active Roles sync with AzureAD. I am not sure if I setup something wrong but the I feel the syncs take too long to be more effective than Azure AD Connect which is already every 30 minutes.

    I was hoping that Active Roles would update…

  • ARS 7.4.3 - Allow users to reset their own password using ARS Self Service Portal

    Recently Installed ARS 7.4.3 and wanted to allow users to reset ONLY their own password and they should not be able to search any other objects in AD using the Self Service Portal.
    Anyone implemented this solution and what are the steps you have done.

  • Active Roles 7.4 is now available

    Active Roles 7.4 is now live and can be downloaded from here:


    All product documentation is available here: