• distribution list members -workflow

    I am trying to create a workflow to send a list of group members to the group owner every so often to validate correct group members.

  • Security risk in Selfservice portal?

    We have a normal user with only domain user access rights. These users can manage their own AD groups, e.g. they are primary managers of an AD group.

    While logged in via the selfservice portal as a normal user, we click on the "Groups I manage" within…

  • Group manage self service

    Hi all,

    I'm struggling with setting up self service for users to manage groups. What I have done is on OU (where are my groups) add permission to "authenticated users" template "self - Group manage". On other OU where are users - template "users - list…

  • Restrict object types to be added to groups

    Hi all,

    we are currently planning to roll-out SelfServicePortal for group management purposes.

    However, we've got some requirements when it comes to objects that can be added to groups. Types are split by OU.

    We have distribution lists, which can…

  • Group Owners and Self Service

    I'm wondering if there is a method to list groups that an employee is a manager of in the self service portal of active roles? I see that there are custom commands built by default but I do now have the option to perform any group maintenance. Thanks…

  • Possible to put a cap on the total number of members a group can have?


    Just wondering if/how I could use ActiveRoles to put a limit on the number of members a group can have? Ideally I would like certain AD groups to have a maximum number of members, and then preventing new members from being added until the member count…

  • Use ARS and/or powershell to create groups - nested & add members automatically?

    We use the lousy nested structure for shared folder ntfs permissions where a domain local group contains a universal which contains a global and the global has the users.  I want to find a way to create the 3 groups required when a new folder is setup…

  • Searching and exporting account information from Active Directory

    I would like to do the following with AD accounts:

    Export the following fields from Active Directory to an Excel sheet with the appropriate headers:

    Under AD Account's General Tab: First Name, Last name, Display Name, Description, Office, Telephone Number…

  • Nested Group Structure

    When exporting Group Membership from ARS, can we get the full nested group path of the user? e,g, when exporting group membership of Daily Newsletter, we would like to see a path value something similar to below:

    JohnP --> Dem ark Sales -- > Sales Group…