• distribution list members -workflow

    I am trying to create a workflow to send a list of group members to the group owner every so often to validate correct group members.

  • Security risk in Selfservice portal?

    We have a normal user with only domain user access rights. These users can manage their own AD groups, e.g. they are primary managers of an AD group.

    While logged in via the selfservice portal as a normal user, we click on the "Groups I manage" within…

  • Group manage self service

    Hi all,

    I'm struggling with setting up self service for users to manage groups. What I have done is on OU (where are my groups) add permission to "authenticated users" template "self - Group manage". On other OU where are users - template "users - list…

  • Restrict object types to be added to groups

    Hi all,

    we are currently planning to roll-out SelfServicePortal for group management purposes.

    However, we've got some requirements when it comes to objects that can be added to groups. Types are split by OU.

    We have distribution lists, which can…

  • Group Owners and Self Service

    I'm wondering if there is a method to list groups that an employee is a manager of in the self service portal of active roles? I see that there are custom commands built by default but I do now have the option to perform any group maintenance. Thanks…

  • Possible to put a cap on the total number of members a group can have?


    Just wondering if/how I could use ActiveRoles to put a limit on the number of members a group can have? Ideally I would like certain AD groups to have a maximum number of members, and then preventing new members from being added until the member count…

  • RE: ARS 6.8 Web UI - Group Membership - Restrict list/view of groups

    Hello Tatiana,

    Our HD-users using the WI. When they are adding members to "Domain Local" groups in certain OU's, they should "see" only members of designated OU's or Managed Units. Not every object they are allowed to list.

  • "add member" Pop-Up Search Takes A Long Time (ARS Webinterface)

    Does anybody know how the active directory objects are retrieved with quick search and with the "add member" pop-up?

    Doing a quick search is getting the objects from any unmanaged domain really fast. The result is displayed in about two seconds…

  • Approval rule where you can choose approver from a list


    we have a customer case where use cases designate that a approving manager should be approved from a list of managers in the group of object owners. Can this be done somehow easily? We're in a POC phase and I have been given only 2 days to implement…

  • Group Membership and Self Service

    I was hoping someone can point me in the correct direction to the a solution for a problem I have.

    At the moment I have within my company, a few DL's who's memberships need to remain hidden and this is currently the case by hiding the DL's in question…

  • get accouts with expired temporal groupmembership


    I want to have all members of all groups in my domain where the temporal groupmembership-EndTime is in the past.

    I used the script above and ended up here...

    Set-QADPSSnapinSettings -DefaultSizeLimit 10


    foreach($group in $groups)


  • Notification email: including properties of objects added/removed from groups

    Hi all,

    I seem to recall this being discussed before but I havent managed to find the thread.  I need to send a custom email notification when users are removed from a particular group.  The notification email needs to contain certain attribute data from…

  • Access Denied to Web and Admin Console

    Hi all,

    I have been haveing an issue and am hoping to get some insight.

    I have a user account that should have access to both the web console and the admin console but they keep getting prompted for username and password for the webpage. if they type…

  • Dynamic Groups - Membership Rule Strategies

    Hi all,

    We've been having some discussions within our org about our deployment of Dynamic Groups.   Our deployment strategy has been gradual where we have been converting existing groups and issuing Dynamic Groups for all new requests where possible…

  • workflow to add user to multiple groups at the same time


    I'm trying to build a workflow that adds users to multiple groups when user is added to a group which triggers workflow. Can't use group nesting on this one unfortunately. Is scripting the only way at this moment?



  • Cleanup pending temporal group membership operations

    Hi all,

    I just found that I have a half-dozen pending temporal group membership changes.  It appears that they are well outside of my management history retention and SOL61603 indicates that management history is required for temporal group functionality…

  • ARS/QC Group membership changes

    I am looking for a more efficient way to add users into scope for a QC sync to multiple external domains.

    Current setup: I have a condition setup in my QC connection that filters based on membership to a particular group.  While this works, it doesn’t…

  • Group membership restrictions policy - Members Count restriction not functional


    I was so lucky finding the  "Group membership restrictions policy" as I am trying to restrict the number of members in a certain group. However, I don´t seem to be able to get this functioning. Whatever integer I put as max number of members I am still…

  • Use ARS and/or powershell to create groups - nested & add members automatically?

    We use the lousy nested structure for shared folder ntfs permissions where a domain local group contains a universal which contains a global and the global has the users.  I want to find a way to create the 3 groups required when a new folder is setup…

  • Script to check for changes to group?

    I am trying to write a script or come up with a workflow in ARS that would check the domain admins group and notify when it's been modified.  I think I'm stuck here because if the group is modified using native AD tools then a workflow won't work,…

  • Powershell - newuser created alert

    Hey there,

    I don't think the workflow for new user notifications is going to work, so I was trying to write a script that would just be added to the new user provisioning policy.  I can't seem to get the script to fill in the items I want and also run…

  • Group Membership Approval from Account Copy

    I'm really hoping someone can help me here.

    In my organisation, we have business applications which are deployed via Citrix using group membership.  If you're a member of the group, you get the application published to you.  Simples

    The IT department…

  • Workflow Group add member Interception Issue

    I am currently running  ARS 6.7, I currently have work flow that will prevent a person from being in a multiple groups related to access to an application, in which access is reducted or there are conflicts in reports that are ran. We have discovered weird…

  • Most efficient way to get a list of all DLs with >100 members


    I am fairly new to PowerShell and the Quest ARS cmdlets. I have been tasked with pulling a list of DLs which contain 100 or more members and which do not currently have the dLMemSubmitPerms attribute populated. I must then add a specific DL to the…

  • Add-QADGroupMember triggers 100% LSASS.EXE on CPU

    NOTE: this is in reference to Quest ActiveRoles Management Shell v1.5.1 without using the ActiveRoles Server.

    The task is to add large number of user accounts (78,000) to an existing group ("groupname").

    Not all the accounts exist on the domain…