• New-QADUser Setting Password Issue


    I need to create a large number of generic user accounts.

    I created a really simple PowerShell script that does the following

    • Generates a random password.
    • Stores this password in our password manager by user.
    • Creates a new user account using New…
  • Using a custom password generation script


    I would like to use a custom password generation script written using powershell.

    The custom script is essential just a copy of the default, but I swapped the "New-Password" function with my own and then deleted some of the other checks the default…

  • ARS 6.9 Patch 4 password reset hangs

    We recently updated 2 servers to patch 4 for ARS 6.9 and since then, when attempting to reset passwords of users using the ARS MMC or web interface, the password reset dialog hangs and the session becomes unusable. This can be remedied by resetting the…