2020 Tech Hangover Recovery - Expert Panelists Provide Informed Insights to Reinforce and Secure

What does the future of security hold? Is Zero Trust a real thing? Is a secure environment achievable for organizations, especially with the aftershocks from 2020? In this on-demand webcast, Cure the 2020 Tech Hangover, our lively panel of experts address these questions. View this session at your convenience. End-to-end, it is filled with answers that are insightful, informed, and sometimes surprising.

Hosted by One Identity, this security-focused webcast considers the drastic and sudden changes of 2020 and how its reverberations will be felt for a long time, particularly as amplified by the digital transformations many organizations are struggling to execute. Layer on top of that the rapid evolution of how security is perceived and implemented from a perimeter to a Zero Trust architecture, and it’s a lot to process in a short amount of time – just like a hangover.

In this session, learn insights from security expert, Victoria Baines, along with One Identity’s Ian Sutherland, vice president and general manager Sales, EMEA, and Robert Byrne, global field strategist, who cover a wide range of topics and offer informed strategies about the future of identity security in a hybrid-to-cloud world.

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