KuppingerCole Executive View on One Identity Active Roles

With Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Azure Active Directory (AAD) in 95 percent of Fortune 1000 organizations worldwide, the hybrid AD environment is a huge target for cyberattacks. It’s a challenge to manage and secure AD/AAD account lifecycle management with native tools. Many organizations lack the IT staff to efficiently handle the deployment, maintenance and securing of complex IAM solutions. This factor fuels the need for targeted solutions to optimize management and security of AD environment.

Regardless of size, organizations continue to face challenges with security, risk, and inefficiency in managing their Active Directory account lifecycles, particularly with increased pressure from massive user changes and a move to Azure and hybrid environments.  The KuppingerCole Executive View Report on One Identity Active Roles provides a critical analyst view of AD account lifecycle management challenges and assesses how the One Identity Active Roles addresses those hurdles facing organizations.

This Executive View Report examines Active Roles strengths, including:

  • Purpose-built for optimizing administration of Microsoft Active Directory and Azure AD
  • Provides Lifecycle Management for a range of non-Windows and SaaS applications, including support for the SCIM standard
  • Workflow-based request and approval of administrative tasks
  • Good out-of-the-box integration to Azure AD and Office 365, with full support for hybrid management of on-premises AD and Azure AD
  • Well-thought-out and easy-to-use user interface, but also support of traditional MMC for Windows administrators
  • Good reporting and analytical capabilities
  • Can co-exist with full IGA solutions, delivering in-depth control of AD and Azure AD

The report’s balanced view states that while Active Roles is not suited for companies seeking a full identity governance and administration solution, it is ideal for those ready to focus on optimizing AD and AAD management, and provides a reliable path to full IGA solutions. Further, Active Roles complements IGA solutions in large enterprises by adding strong features that increase efficiency and automation in AD and Azure AD management.

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