Welcome to My World – How to Easily Handle a Sudden Storm of Active Directory Provisioning Tasks

This current global health crisis has created chaos and hardship for individuals, families, companies and governments. With events canceled or postponed, offices closed and personal routines put on hold, life as we previously knew it, quickly changed.

With our reliance on technology to keep things orderly and efficient, nearly all of these changes have digital implications. For enterprise-level organizations, these include:

  • Tracking active vs. inactive profiles
  • What are the user’s permissions?
  • Are they a privileged user?
  • Is that person on-site or working remotely?
  • Did they change location?

If your organization is like 95 percent of the Fortune 1000 that means most – if not all – of these changes were executed in your Active Directory and/or Azure Active Directory accounts. Your identity team sprinted to make these updates, keep your organization productive and your records accurate. But, if these changes are processed manually, there’s a good chance that your IT staff is still working through the first wave, with other waves waiting to be processed.

As crazy as the recent amount of Active Directory provisioning/Azure AD provisioning and de-provisioning work done on identities and accounts, there’s always someone watching the rest of us scramble and who says to themselves, ‘welcome to my world.’ In this case, that would be organizations that regularly experience high-volume/short-interval turnover of people and access rights, such as universities, school districts, airlines and large multinational retailers.

These types of organizations handle rapid change either as a course of daily business or at minimum a few times a year. So while the rest of us shudder at the memory of what we just went through and then shudder again at the thought of experiencing it one more time when furloughed employees return to work and office workers move back to on-premises status. For some, this is just another day, such as the identity teams featured in our eBook: AD Account Lifecycle Management: Six Success Stories.

How do they do this? How do they process massive number of changes on a regular basis without breaking under the burden? Read the ebook to learn how each of the organizations leverages One Identity Active Roles to efficiently handle high-volume changes to staff, contractors and seasonal hires. There are practical lessons in their everyday experience for the rest of us going through this for the first time.

See the table below for a brief overview of the organization featured in the ebook and the estimated number of account identities they manage.



Estimated Number of identities Managed

George Washington University

Semester and ongoing

26,000 Students

6,500 Employees

Danish Refugee Council


7,000 Employees

Edmonton Catholic School District

Annually, varied programs and ongoing

43,000 Students

4,000 Employees

Trillium Lakelands District School Board

Semester and ongoing

17,000 Students

Transavia (Airline)

Ongoing and seasonal

400 Seasonal employees (Summer hires)

2,000 Employees

JYSK Nordic (Retailer)

Ongoing and seasonal

10,000+ Employees

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