Better Together: How to Optimize Handling and Performance of Active Directory

Better Together: How to Optimize Handling and Performance of Active Directory 

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD (AAD) bring organization and standards to how identity and account data is managed and stored. One Identity Active Roles brings agility, security, speed and unity to managing AD/Azure AD. Together Active Roles and AD/AAD, IT admin leaders have a solution that dramatically enhances the security and efficiency of their AD environments, reducing vulnerability. 

To use an analogy, it’s like taking a powerful production-version of a sports car and adding a racing suspension, a turbocharger, and a vastly improved cloud-connected dashboard and performance-monitoring system, as well as a protecting it all with a programmable, highly secure remote-access key fob. 

While the showroom vehicle is great, the aftermarket-enhanced version enables you to handle whatever the road throws at you – including massive change and threats. It’s faster, more secure, cornerst like a gazelle, requires less ongoing maintenance and is more fuel-efficient. Your additional investment is paid back quickly – and prepares you to safely take journeys that before were out-of-the-question. It’s just plain better.  

That’s the same with Active Directory and One Identity Active Roles. They are better together.

If you’re like 95 percent of the Fortune 1000 companies, you already have the showroom car – you’re using Microsoft Active Directory as your daily driver for provisioning/deprovisioning of user permissions. However, the world is moving faster, the resources that AD and Azure AD – as well as AD LDS – manage continue to diversify. Additionally, other trends increase the complexity surrounding AD/AAD, including identity security, the migration to the cloud and the critical role that AD/AAD plays in privileged access management (PAM). Lately, implementing a Zero Trust security architecture – or Zero Standing Privilege – to prevent and limit damage from a breach is driving the need to extend and enhance the native capabilities of AD/AAD. This is where One Identity’s Active Roles can automate and supercharge AD/AAD services. 

To highlight how Active Roles and AD/AAD are better together, we’ve consolidated a number of resources, including an ROI calculator, analysts reports and snapshots and a short video.

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