Campus identity management - a challenge like no other

In higher education today, students, faculty and staff must have ready access to the information, applications and systems from anywhere and at any time to efficiently study and to do their jobs. These populations are relatively well-known entities that are pre-vetted to access a university’s systems. But higher-ed institutions also need to provide secure and flexible access to external third parties to operate and collaborate. These outside users include researchers, partners, suppliers, and service providers who need remote access to campus networks, too.


But delivering this kind of seamless accessibility to internal and external users can be tough for colleges and universities. That’s because their users are always changing. A guest researcher might need access for just a few days, and some students may enroll for just one month-long class. Then there are the high-volume events, such as when 5,000 graduates become alumni on one day, or when 5,000 new students arrive on campus at the start of an academic year.


Read our collection of higher-ed case studies to learn how other institutions have handled these challenges.

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