Can Pauline Find Productivity without AD-Centered Identity Management?

Which introductory experience do new hires to your organization get? Are they able to login on their first day and access all necessary resources to do their basic job? Or… are they temporarily assigned a left-over cubicle with no phone, computer or network access and little hope of moving toward productivity any time soon?


Meet Pauline. She’s the heroine of our eBook, How an AD-Centered Approach Can Maximize Security and Efficiency. Poor Pauline. Before you reach the conclusion of this ebook, she will feel the pain, suffering and frustration of a manual-based provisioning process. Then we will reset the scene for you and Pauline to describe the euphoria, satisfaction and security of an Active Directory (AD)-centered provisioning environment. It was the best of times and it was the worst of times, but not necessarily in that order.


Yes, Pauline will highlight the highs and the lows of provisioning so you can more clearly understand the pitfalls and benefits of CRUD tasks done the difficult way and the easy way. Yes, poor Pauline, in the name of marketing, she’s gets the full dual experience. So, come along on her journey as she endures the fits and starts of the protracted manual-process-based provisioning experience that take weeks and over a dozen different people to complete. Continue with her as she finds literary redemption and joyfully experiences the pre-set automated workflows of an Active Directory-centered approach to identity governance and administration (IGA), which takes as little as mere minutes and one non-IT, line-of-business manager to complete.


This is a tale as old as – well – as old as ever since technology took over the working world, which is open to interpretation. But you get the point, the perils of Pauline is an everyman story that features struggles with adversity but ultimately ends with victory, productivity and satisfaction.


Read our eBook to learn how AD-centered identity management can secure and accelerate your business – and put you on the path to true governance.


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