One Identity’s ongoing objective is to develop and continually enhance our solutions so that they save you time, money and heartache. So, it’s always great when a customer demonstrates how our identity and access management (IAM) products do that in the field. Particularly, when the customer’s work is truly life changing.

The Danish Refugee Council’s (DRC) mission is to help displaced people rebuild their lives. Key to the successful execution of its objectives is technology that enables them to manage a worldwide organization that must respond quickly to events nearly anywhere.

As with many organizations, DRC used Active Directory (AD) as a key component to controlling access and permissions of its far-flung user base. Prior to upgrading, much of this work was done manually, which took time away from other more important tasks. Then, once cloud-based Azure AD and Office 365 were thrown into the mix, the management challenge was even greater.

Fortunately for the DRC, One Identity solutions alleviated tedious and error-prone manual processes that were used to manage users in their hybrid AD environment. In fact, the council reports that simply through unification and automation of AD and Azure AD processes with One Identity Active Roles that it saved at least 10,000 hours of administrative effort annually.

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