The challenges of identity and access management (IAM) – namely ensuring that the right people, have the right access, to the rights systems, in all the right ways – is difficult in most organizations, but even more so in local governments. With a wide mix of user types ranging from employees to contractors and from citizens to vendors, it becomes very difficult to get it right.

The city of Coppell, Texas is no different from most municipalities, but Coppell was able to get much of IAM right.

“The City of Coppell is a first-rung city relative to Dallas,” said Jerod Anderson, assistant chief information officer for the city. “We cover about 14 square miles and have a population just under 50,000. With all the recent breaches, it is becoming more critical than ever that we secure our users’ information and data whatever type of user they may be. We see a lot of exposure out there in the news, and we at the city don’t want to be one of them – we’re looking for tools to help us prevent that exposure.”

Watch this short video to see how the City of Coppell got IAM right with One Identity.

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