In conversation with a One Identity Partner: Core Technology Systems (UK)

We recently had the opportunity to host an interview with Tim Eichmann, Head of Cloud & Infrastructure at Core Technology Systems (UK) Limited and One Identity.

Core Technology Systems (UK) Limited help organisations large and small to achieve their top level objectives using technology.  They enable Government departments to achieve cost savings through cloud based managed services. Lloyds and London Insurance Market to stay competitive and also membership organisations to build value in their customer relationships, as well as working with a variety of other sectors. 

One of their key solutions is Aurora a cloud-based Identity & Access Management platform. It contains Role-based Access and engines for enterprise level policy/rule-based provisioning, updates and de-provisioning. Broadly, Aurora is also a broker or switch to core’s fully-managed Cloud services platform

Aurora is a key component in Core's managed service offering.  It is the Identity and Access management portal through which clients and users access infrastructure, software and security services.

We were very interested to understand more about Core and their adoption of One Identity Active Roles…… and posed the following questions. 

1) What challenges do you see customers facing with regard to AD management and security?

2) What challenges do you see as customers begin to adopt Azure AD?

3) What percentage of customers do you see adopting Azure AD?

4) What percentage are going 100% cloud and what percent will have a hybrid AD environment at least for a while?

5) What value do customers get from Active Roles?

6) How do you see that value extending to Azure AD?

7) How popular do you think a management and security solution for both AD and Azure AD will be?

Their response provides a very interesting and informative video which can be viewed here

At the recent EMEA Partner Forum, Core was awarded the One Identity Access Management Cloud Service Provider of the Year Award​

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