Stop Security Breaches in Your AD Environment, But What About Kindergarten?

Exhibit A:  Teacher gave me an overview of my child’s theory on school.

My 5 year old started kindergarten at public school this week. It’s not a huge difference for her – she’s attended daycare, preschool, pre-k for the last few years.

But it sure is different to me. At the end of her daycare days, I was met by a smiling teacher who relived the antics of my ‘animated’ youngest child. She would tell me what my child ate for lunch, if she rested at nap time, which friends she played with and if she happened to share any personal information with anyone. She loves to talk about her family. Often, she tells perfect strangers her name, my name, her father’s name and the road that we live on. Once, she announced to the state daycare licensing agent that “Daddy loves beer and motorcycles.” Fortunately the nice lady had a good sense of humor and replied with “my Daddy does too.”

Despite numerous reminders not to tell strangers where we live – or other ‘embarrassing’ and embellished facts about our family, she does spread this information from time to time. I wish I had a way to monitor my child’s activities and stories throughout the day and get reports on how things are going. I miss my kids while I am at work – it would be great to have some visibility into what they are up to. And, it would be great to NOT be blindsided by a call from the principal (“Mrs. Fallon, your daughter has been telling her class that she has a pet unicorn….that poops rainbows…and eats boys”).

Exhibit B: Enterprise Reporter gave me an overview of the security options for selected computers.

Well, technology hasn’t come up with the perfect “Kindergarten Reporter” yet, but we do offer a similar product for you to audit your IT infrastructure… have you used it? It’s called Enterprise Reporter.  Enterprise Reporter keeps your Microsoft infrastructure healthy and secure with insights into what changes have been made so you can stay ahead of potential security vulnerabilities.  Using Enterprise Reporter, you will have visibility into users, groups, permissions and other configurations to reduce the strain on administrative resources and enable in-depth reporting.  You can purchase as a suite, or for specific Microsoft platforms including:

If you want to learn more about how Enterprise Reporter can improve your Microsoft Infrastructures’ security posture, please read this tech brief by one of our in-house AD security experts, Bob Krebs.  You will learn how to improve your AD security posture by running 10 easy reports on a regular basis. 

For now, if you want to learn more about what your children are doing at school, you’ll have to spy on them through the cafeteria window…

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