As companies grow by acquisition and expand internationally, one of the natural by-products is a large and complex IT infrastructure.

Such was the case with Telefónica España and its multi-domain use of Active Directory (AD). Telefónica España, one of the main companies in the Telefónica group - one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the world, providing services to more than 350 million clients.

Inherent in this complexity is the challenge of automating the sometimes difficult identity administrative tasks required of AD and the proper assignment of permissions to allow IT to perform those critical tasks. At best everything is inefficient and at worst, nothing is secure.

Read Telefónica España’s story to see how this leader in technological initiatives deployed One Identity’s Active Roles to overcome:

  • Risk associated with high numbers of IT staff requiring AD Domain Admin access
  • Native limitation and the complexity of AD infrastructure
  • Compliance challenges

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