Three Ways to Improve Password Security and Self-service for Your End Users

For enhanced password security, organizations need a simple, highly secure and efficient way for users to reset forgotten passwords and unlock accounts on their own. As an IT Leader, you must implement strong password policies and eliminate risk of data breaches as a key part of your user-account management process and Active Directory (AD) management.

How can you enable self-service password management for your users? The following three enhancements to your password-security approach will help you realize the benefits of efficiency, ease-of-use and increased security with One Identity Password Manager:

  1. Password policy flexibility: One Identity Password Manager enables organizations to operate with more flexible password policies, while also increasing security with features such as password blacklist to prevent the use of previously compromised passwords.
  2. User Self-service = liberated IT work hours to reallocate: With Password Manager, line-of-business teams across your organization can quickly reset their own passwords without IT intervention. Additionally, IT can implement customized password-reset approaches with varying degrees of autonomy depending on the business unit. Even if an organization needs to have IT involved in their processes, massive efficiency gains are possible with some One Identity customers reallocating multiple FTEs to more critical tasks.
  3. Extend and expand scope: With Password Manager, you can expand the scope of password policy and enforcement to additional systems and environments, including UNIX and Linux.

These three methodologies help preserve productivity, allow IT teams to focus on critical projects and reduce security vulnerabilities. And when you tie this self-service capability with a hybrid Active Directory (AD) account lifecycle management solution, such as One Identity Active Roles,  you can implement role-based access control, establish accountability for actions, and implement flexible policies along with consistent password practices.

In conclusion, organizations need to implement a password security solution as part of their AD management and security program, not as a one-off solution of password management. Our solutions can help you do that.

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