You Can Live a Dual Life – Use Cases and Solutions for a Hybrid World

Hannah Montana was right: you can have the best of both worlds. Though the late 2000s teen queen was singing about her secret double life as a high-flying pop star and a down-to-earth high school student, it turns out that that life goal now also applies to identity and access management (IAM). For you, as the person responsible for the management of your IAM program that means you can control user access for your high-flying cloud apps and your down-to-earth on-prem resources with a single tool. That control potentially extends to your on-prem apps, multiple enterprise platforms and now it also includes a growing number of critical and popular SaaS applications.


As business and public sector organizations move more functionality and data into the cloud, it’s makes managing identities and access much more complex. Legacy systems can be inflexible, Active Directory and Azure require complete different processes and management tools, and the lack of standard cohesiveness for administration and access control for SaaS applications all add to the management complexity and difficulty.


Organizations have a tremendous amount of investment – financial and traditional processes – in enterprise on-premises applications and platforms. There are many reasons for that - for the most part, they’re stable; the IT team is familiar with supporting with them; and moving all that data and intellectual property to the cloud is a daunting thought.


And then, from the cloud side of the equation, SaaS applications and services, such as O365, G-Suite, Salesforce, AWS and ServiceNow, offer productivity and access from anywhere and with much less IT overhead. Moving certain functions to the cloud can reduce operational costs, accelerate deployment of new features and deliver easy scalability.


How are you going to bring these two worlds together? How will you support your organization’s need for the stability and comfort of on-prem resources with the siren’s call of the cloud? How smooth will be your digital transformation?


Now, each organization has its unique needs, priorities and speed at which they are embracing the cloud. But you realize that you have to make the transition eventually. How, when and how quickly are up to you. How will you support yours?


See what options One Identity has for you. Get a copy of our whitepaper, The Best of Both Worlds - Hybrid IAM Offers Flexibility and Enhanced Security. It include four use cases based on real-world challenges and highlights that there’s more than one way to approach a journey to the cloud. The whitepaper also describes identity and access management solutions available to you, including cloud-ready, cloud-hosted, cloud-attached and SaaS solutions. Each has its benefits and limitations. Regardless of which you chose – or which combination you chose - your control of identities, permissions, and access can be secured by One Identity.


So yes, you can have the best of both worlds. You can maintain your on-prem infrastructure as you need to and seamlessly move to the cloud. All the while ensuring that identity control and security are also maintained. In short, you can be an IAM rock star while still being the humble IT professional that you are.

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