Active Directory is now, Simple and Secure

With the release of ActiveRoles Server 6.8, you can solve your security issues and meet those never-ending compliance requirements by securing Active Directory.

Look What's New:

  • Automated workflow – Automates manual tasks to reduce errors and speed AD management
  • Simplified clean-up – Simplifies clean-up of AD objects to prepare environment for Windows 2012 and/or cloud integration
  • Interface “look and feel” – Makes working with ARS more intuitive
  • Enhanced Exchange management support – More completely manages your Exchange environment
  • Notification enhancements – Customizes notifications with more data and status information
  • Approval enhancements – Enables delegation, escalations and re-assignments of admin requests
  • Scanning & pruning – Makes it easier to manage Active Directory Group and object bloat
  • Native integration – Integrates with Quest One Identity Manager, Quest One Quick Connect, Office 365, Lync, Quest Authentication Services and Quest Defender

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