• Protect critical Active Directory data by strictly enforcing policies and eliminating unregulated access to resources
    • Save time and reduce errors by providing automated user and group management
    • Tighten the security of Active Directory by consistently regulating administrative privileges through security policies

Use Case

  • Needed to fill the following gaps with Active Directory:
  • Roles, rules and out-of-the box access templates
  • Delegation on views/managed units
  • Automating account creation, modification and termination
  • Owns the following IdIdentity and Access Management software tools in addition to ActiveRoles Server:
  • Quick Connect


  • Found the following to be the most beneficial features from ActiveRoles Server:
  • Automated user and group creation
  • Security delegation model for controlling admin rights
  • Centralized auditing and reporting
  • Multi-forest support in one tool
  • Virtual attribute extensions without AD schema extensions
  • SDK for developers
  • Increased productivity by 60-70% with ActiveRoles Server.


“We value ARS Integration with Quick Connect, Sync process and tight cloud integration and support.”

Source: TechValidate Survey of a Global 500 Banking Company

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 9FD-6FC-FA4

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