3/26/2013 11:00:00 AM Eastern Time

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Integrating AD with your cloud services for authentication is obviously critical for users, IT, management and infosec stake holders. But authentication and account management is only one piece of cloud security. What about access control and the reporting necessary to prove compliance and control over entitlements to resources in the cloud? In other words, how do you control who has access to which folders in box.net or content in Office 365? How to handle access requests and how do fulfill reporting requests by compliance auditors.

Whenever you migrate to a new technology it is very easy to lose ground in the area of security controls. You probably have processes in place to manage entitlements to internal resources like file shares, libraries in SharePoint, transactions in SAP, roles in CRM, etc.

But what about to resources in the cloud? If you aren’t careful you can quickly find yourself with the same security and management problems that plagued file server networks before we had Active Directory – a plethora of duplicate local groups and silos of access control where each server admin did things his/her way – only in this case cloud service admin replaces the server admin.

Furthermore, how does access control work in different cloud services? How do you give someone access to a SharePoint library or SkyDrive folder in O365 or a folder on box.net?

In this webinar, I’ll cover the former and latter. We’ll explore how to leverage and adapt your existing entitlement processes for managing cloud resources. But we’ll also get technical and take a live look at some popular cloud services to see exactly how resource access control works.

Then Jason Remillard from Quest will show how their ActiveRoles Server and related solutions help you manage cloud entitlements directly from within Active Directory just like any other resource on your internal network.

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