Peter Stephensen of SC Magazine has recently reviewed our flagship products as part of an ongoing evaluation. Peter went through the installations of both products from scratch and configured them both.

Something to note is that the testing included our flagship IAM tool *AND* our flagship AD Admin tool – something that many of our smart customers are doing – managing AD as a distinct and separate platform to ensure compliance activties – and overlaying the IAM tool for AD and other platforms to manage the other use cases the business has for life cycle management, Separations of Duties and compliance management.

Partial article below – but recommend you read the full review.

"A major strength is the self-service-based design for full user and identity management. Rather than having most of the burden fall to IT administrators, this product puts account and privilege provisioning in the hands of managers and other administrators. This is made easy for non-IT managers by using a shopping cart-based approach. Users can request to be provisioned by simply going to the web-based portal and requesting access to resources by adding them to their cart. Once the request is submitted, all the appropriate managers are notified, and they can easily grant or deny the request using the same portal."

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