We all have Active Directory (AD), and love it or hate it, we cannot survive without it. Nothing brings IT to a grinding halt faster than an inability of users to logon to the critical systems accessed through AD. When people can’t get to Exchange, or SharePoint, or Lync, or the file servers that hold all their critical data, you know you’re going to hear about it and you’re going to keep hearing about it until you fix it. The problem is AD is notoriously difficult to manage with native tools.

Our identity and access management practice in particular, is the leader in Active Directory migration, management, and governance. In our years of helping organizations of all sizes manage AD right and improve operations and security, we’ve come across a number of common challenges that face every organization that relies on AD.

  • Managing AD with native tools is cumbersome, error-prone, and time consuming
  • Delegation of the AD admin account is virtually impossible with native tools
  • AD lacks the reporting and auditing best practices and compliance demand
  • AD has no built-in concept of standardization of operations and no capability for repeatable workflows
  • Natively in AD it is easy to end up with over-privileged or under-privileged users

If you rely on AD, and are using native tools, these challenges may hit very close to home. Often we run across organizations that resign themselves to the fact that this is just the way it is, they can’t do anything about it, and the benefits of AD outweigh the inconvenience of managing it. After all, AD is not going anywhere.

The One Identity family of IAM solutions provides access management, governance, and privileged account management for the entire heterogeneous, and evolving enterprise. But AD is a critical component of that enterprise, and our experience has proven that when AD is treated as “just another application” that must be integrated with the overall IAM approach, things fall apart pretty quickly … or in many cases never actually get off the ground. That’s why we include AD-optimized solutions in our IAM portfolio. These solutions can stand-alone to solve your AD management and security challenges or be integrated with the more enterprise-ready view to “get AD right” so you can focus on the really big challenges of governance.

The One Identity solution for AD management is called ActiveRoles Server and solves each of the challenges detailed above.

If you have AD (and who doesn’t?) and if AD management and security in your organization has room for improvement, check out our white paper called Active Directory Security Challenges … Solved!. It will show you how easy and affordable it is to actually get AD right for once so you can move on to bigger and better things in your IAM program.

And since AD is all about access anyway, if you are faced with access management challenges download our white paper called Access Control is Easy, Use Active Directory Groups and Manage them Well.

You don’t have to settle for weak, inefficient, error-prone, and productivity-draining AD management.

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