January 17, 2013

11:00:00 AM Eastern Time

That really says it. There’s a lot more to why and how which we’ll cover in the webinar but at the end good access control comes down to avoiding the use of local groups whether on Windows file servers, in SQL Server, SharePoint or elsewhere and instead assigning permissions Active Directory groups.

In this webinar, Randy Franklin Smith will explain why AD groups are the center of the access control and governance universe today and then explore what it takes to manage them. He will discuss why and how to implement group ownership and attestation controls. Also, he will look at how much of group maintenance can be automated through self-service access request handling and policy based rule assignments.

End-user entitlements aren’t the only story in access control though. It’s important to control administrative authority – especially in Active Directory. Also, given how critical Active Directory is as the center of enterprise access control, the manageability of Active Directory becomes an important issue as well.

Good access governance means cataloging your resources, identifying the best person to make decisions about access to each resource and then automating as much of that approval and periodic review process as possible. Active Directory has emerged as the best place for most organization to hold this information and in this webinar we’ll look at how to manage it for security and business efficiency.

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