Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:


Support for Managed Units:  Identity Analytics supports different data sources like Active Roles Server and Active Directory.   Specific to the Active Roles Server data source, Identity Analytics added support for Managed Units.  Active Roles allows administrators to organize directory objects (such as users, groups, computers, and so on) into a relational structure made up of rule-based administrative views (referred to as Managed Units), each of which includes only the objects that meet certain membership criteria defined by the administrator. This structure can be designed independently from the logical model of Active Directory, which is based on the concept of containers and thus implies rigid boundaries between containers, be it forests, domains or organizational units. Administrators can configure Managed Units so that each Unit represents the appropriate collection of directory objects that reside in the same Active Directory container or in different containers, with different forests not being the exception.   

As Managed Units are utilized within Active Roles, Identity Analytics will now discover and classify entitlements as granted by Managed Units

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