Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:


Native Active Directory Module:  Identity Analytics releases support for a new platform today, Active Directory.  You can access the new module on the Configure - Collector Agents page.  Identity Analytics now discovers entitlements from Active Directory and classifies the risk/impact of these entitlements.  For example, it can identify how many users in Active Directory can reset passwords.  It will also display detailed information like how the entitlement was granted (IE directly to the user or via a group membership).  If you've been using Identity Analytics with ActiveRoles Server, a high risk account will now display risk across both data sources (access granted via access templates in ActiveRoles and access granted natively in Active Directory).  A 30 day self-service Trial is available if you'd like to see what Identity Analytics can discover in your Active Directory

Target Details:  A new 'Target Details' view was made available in this release.  The Target Details view is currently specific to Active Directory and is intended to help provide scoping information.  For example, an account is identified as high impact because it can delete groups.  The target details view provides scoping information in the context of the entitlement.  That is, this account can delete 117 groups out of 2,347 groups in Active Directory.  The detail view also lists out both the affected and unaffected groups.  The new information is displayed as a column on the Rules Evaluation Page and then further expands into its own view when selected

Scalability and Performance:  Another round of updates releases this rollout targeted at improving performance and responsiveness for large environments.  These updates are mostly targeted at the processing that happens post-data-collection. 

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