Platform Updates:

User Access:  The User Access view was updated to include Starling 2FA users.  Prior only Identity Analytics users were viewable.  Now, the view lets org admins see collaborators invited to their org from any Starling service.


Starling 2FA:

Support Integration:  The Starling 2FA service was integrated with the new SaaS-specific Support view.  The Support view is available from within the Starling 2FA service by clicking on the 'Support' link.  The new view provided by Support provides a better user experience and Single Sign-On between Starling and Support resources


Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:

Reporting:  An initial reporting service was rolled out.  You can access this new view by selecting 'Reporting' from the top nav bar.  The reports are generated on-demand and stored for multiple users to access.  Report data may also be exported in CSV format.  

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