Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence


Privileged Password and Privileged Session Support:  Another great milestone to draw attention to today.  Let’s say you’re a smart cookie and you know you have a problem with shared admin access.  So you do the only acceptable thing and you purchase and deploy Safeguard.  You go thru all the effort to onboard target systems and accounts, and you spend the time to carefully map out roles and rules and permissions.  And then you go to bed at night with a cape on to reflect your super hero status.  Question:  Are you really sure you know who can do what with your shiny new privileged access solution?  And do you have any idea who’s watching the watcher of your privileged solution?

We’re excited to announce that with this release Identity Analytics adds support for Safeguard! This marks the 3rd supported “platform” for IARI to go along with Active Directory and ARS.

Still not quite sure what this means?  With this rollout Identity Analytics retrieves privileged password and session related entitlement data and processes it via 5 new purpose-built rules.  Here’s a great example:  It’s 2018 are you really comfortable with locking down privileged password or session access with nothing more than just a password?  Identity Analytics will let you know if anyone has privileged password/session access with OUT using 2FA or a Smart Card!

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