We continue to look for ways we can help our customers be more secure and know more about what's going on in their enterprise (and beyond). So with that in mind....

A new cloud based offering is in incubation with opportunities for customer participation!  

This will help you manage sensitive data, where it lives and who owns it, and who has access to it. We hear two areas where people have questions: 

  • Classify - this means many things to different people. We're looking at making something easy to consume, configure and act on that helps identify sensitive in the cloud (and other targets to be named later)
  • Access Discovery - who has access to data, are they using that access and could they be considered the potential owners of that data?

As part of Starling and a SaaS offering, we're looking at rapidly innovating and delivering on your needs quickly.

As this project is incubating – we’re actively looking for customers who wish to participate and have questions about their data in the cloud.

Please contact me (Tim Sedlack) directly for more information: tim.sedlack@oneidentity.com

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