I’m quite pleased today to announce the latest innovation from the bright minds here are One Identity.  Today we announced One Identity Starling Identity Analytics & Risk Intelligence.  While the name is big, so is the value we expect our customers to get from this new product.

So what is Starling Identity Analytics & Risk Intelligence?  Let’s start with the definition of identity analytics

“Identity analytics is the next evolution of the Identity Governance and Access (IGA) market.” Or more to the point, Identity analytics…

  • Applies logic and science to IAM data to provide insights
  • Bridges the gap between administrative controls and runtime activities
  • Detects and remediates malicious behavior so organizations can make more informed access policy decisions

Now, that’s all well and good, but I’m from Ohio so when I first read this, I had to ask for a translation.  To put in Ohio-English, it’s

  • Understanding what entitlements someone has
  • Using analysis to determine if they have too many privileges
  • Fixing that to mitigate a breach before it might otherwise happen

That’s a pretty powerful 1-2-3 punch in terms of proactively reducing risk and helping to secure the environment. 

As security professionals, I am sure you are bombarded with alerts and reports all day.  Some are accurate, some are false positives.  But you have to run them all down to ensure your organization is more secure today than it was yesterday.  Starling Identity Analytics & Risk Intelligence helps in that pursuit because it can tell you where you have elevated risk pointing you in the direction of where you need to focus efforts to help secure the organization.

One fun fact related to the launch of One Identity Starling Identity Analytics & Risk Intelligence is that it is a SaaS product which means quicker innovation.  We will be adding features regularly so you can derive more value with each successive release. To learn more, check out www.cloud.oneidentity.com/new.  The product manager, Jason Fehrenbach, updates this blog often.

The other fun fact is that you can try this thing out today. Just visit www.cloud.oneidentity.com and click on Try Starling.  Start your free self-service trial so you can start making your enterprise more secure today than it was yesterday.   



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