Starling 2FA:

Role Management Enhances: The admin dashboard now permits administrators to modify roles of other 2FA collaborators. As the Starling ecosystem continues to expand this simplifies how administrators control access to existing and future Starling products.

New Product Announcement:

Identity Analytics!  Identity Analytics is actively in development with a release planned later in 2017. Identity Analytics aims to collect entitlement grants (access) and then analyze the collected data. Part of the analysis will classify grants to simplify the process of focusing on high risk. Alerting is a service that builds on this foundation and continues to assist with determining where to focus first. The initial alerting framework was added to Identity Analytics with more to follow. In the current preview a time-stamp was added to the User Risk Profile page. In addition to the timestamp, the first implementation of alerting adds new visuals (icons) to indicate the detection of new high risk user since the last processing. This is a user that prior to the last processing did not have high risk entitlements (access) but during the latest processing was found to possess high risk entitlements. Over the next several releases alerting will expand to include in-app notifications of new high risk users, a filter to show users that were previously high-risk but gained additional new high risk entitlements. Email alerts and a way to see a history of all alerts are also planned to build on top of this foundation.

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