Starling Platform:

Azure AD work account support: As we continue to enhance the Starling platform we are keenly aware that many organizations struggle with managing security and identities across all their various SaaS applications. To help customers avoid having to manage "yet-another-identity" we are happy to announce support for Azure AD sign-in! When you arrive at One Identity Starling and want to Trial a solution or sign into Starling, you will always start with typing in your email address. Our new Home Realm Discovery (HRD) functionality will automatically resolve if your company has an Azure AD tenant, and if it does you will be automatically sent to your Azure AD for authentication. This streamlines your adoption of our SaaS services! And it puts the controls back in your hands. For example as people move positions or leave the organization and these changes are made to your Azure AD, Starling will automatically honor these changes. A disabled Azure AD user will not be able to log into Starling. There is no separate need to sync with Starling or to manage a separate Starling identity. In the future we look to expand on our Azure AD support and for example allow you to leverage your existing Azure groups to assign permissions to Starling services. Stay tuned as we continually evolve.

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