Everything we do at One Identity, we do in the name of helping organizations get identity and access management (IAM) right. It’s a mission we stop at nothing to achieve, and it’s why, for the many years we’ve been doing business, we’ve been determined to build the industry’s most complete IAM portfolio. Those of you who have followed One Identity over the years know that we’re constantly looking for opportunities to invest in our portfolio, drive innovation, and deliver more value to our customers and partners.

Over the course of the past year, as we transitioned out of Dell and launched One Identity as an independent, privately-held company, I’ve been asked on occasion if we would maintain that fierce commitment to investment and innovation. My answer, as you might expect, is always an unequivocal yes.

Actions speak louder than words, of course. That’s why we were so excited to announce the launch of One Identity Safeguard 2.0 this past summer, and it’s why we’re even more excited to announce today that One Identity has acquired Balabit, a leading provider of privileged access management, privileged account analytics and log management solutions. The acquisition, One Identity’s first as an independent company, is the strongest evidence yet that One Identity’s trademark commitment to investment and innovation is alive and well.

So, why now, and why Balabit?

Privileged access management (PAM) has never been more important than it is right now. Organizations are faced with an evolving and increasingly dangerous array of threats involving high-risk, privileged accounts, including both insider threats and external attacks using hijacked credentials. They simply must be more vigilant and more proactive than ever before in the way they prevent cyber-attacks involving these privileged accounts. What worked three years ago doesn’t necessarily work today.

That’s where Balabit comes in. Our customers and partners count on us to constantly push the envelope and stay ahead of the modern threat landscape, and acquiring Balabit helps us continue to do just that.

Balabit’s session management technology is already embedded into our One Identity Safeguard solution by way of an OEM partnership. With today’s news, we can further expand our PAM solutions with Balabit’s machine learning-driven, privileged account analytics, which are critical to building a complete PAM and IAM stack. The acquisition also enables us to control future development of Balabit technology to create an even more powerful solution customers can leverage to solve their critical PAM challenges.

With Balabit in the fold, we ensure that we can continue to deliver best-of-breed privileged session management and privileged account analytics capabilities to our customers and partners, and do so within the context of a modern, PAM solution that combines the best of One Identity and Balabit technology.

To me, the best acquisitions are the ones involving two companies that can together deliver even more value to customers and partners than they were already delivering individually. That’s exactly the case with One Identity and Balabit. By acquiring Balabit and formally adding its world-class privileged session management and privileged account analytics technology to the One Identity portfolio, we can control and create an even more powerful solution customers can leverage to solve their critical PAM challenges. It also enables customers and partners to acquire and implement Balabit’s products within the context of a complete PAM solution, one that includes privileged password management, privileged session management, advanced analytics, log management, AD bridging technology, and advanced management of UNIX environments.

The best acquisitions are also those involving like-minded companies that share similar business and technology DNA. Again, that’s absolutely the case with One Identity and Balabit. Both companies are passionate about meeting the needs of their customers. Both companies believe in empowering their employees to push the envelope and drive innovation. And both companies have built an active and loyal network of global partners – partners whose customers count on them to deliver solutions they can trust.

One of these reasons I can speak so confidently to the synergy that exists between the two companies – and to how seamlessly our technology portfolios will fit together – is because it’s already been proven. One Identity and Balabit have quietly been rock-solid OEM partners for quite some time, working together to solve critical challenges for customers and partners.

With today’s announcement, we’re taking the relationship to the next level, and I couldn’t be more excited to officially welcome Balabit to the One Identity family.

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